Summer 2020

Welcome to the new year and 2020.

Autumn 19

A wet start to winter with wild weather … The fire has been crackling away in the lounge room; makes a cosy relaxing evening after a dinner in town. We have been busy with pruning and watching the spring bulbs starting to come up. The flowers are still a while away but they’re making their presence felt. The bees are warmly tucked in their hives and only venture out when the sun is shining.

Autumn 2019

Stunning month with fabulous warm days and crisp evenings. We’re busy with… you guessed…. the bees.  Bees, bees, bees…getting them ready for winter and lots of checking their hives. Our two hives are quite different. One hive is full of honey and extremely busy girls. the other little hive is struggling with a smaller number of bees and lesser honey production. It’s fascinating to see that two hives in small location, same conditions have different outcomes. I best have a word with the queen and ask for a little more action!

We had a short family holiday to Mexico and Cuba and although we didn’t walk or cycle we had a few evenings salsa dancing which i think is enough exercise in the Cuban heat.

Summer 2019

Our little bees gave us about 10 jars of honey (not enough to sell at Pendower). They have to have  at least half of their honey production left for their winter stores.. everyone gets hungry over winter and ensuring the bees are fed and healthy is a priority. thanks to all our guests who happily use the shower buckets and collect the cold water while waiting for the hot to come through… Every bit helps and better on or garden than down the drains.

Spring 18

Oh the flowers!!!!

Winter 2018

Cosy Daylesford… this winter we’ve had some delicious misty, foggy mornings that turned into blue skies by mid morning. A lovely break from the grey that comes with the rain and overcast days. Our fire has been enjoyed by guests even with a few marshmellows being toasted. We seem to be over the winter hurdle and the garden is a mass of daffoldils, jonquils, violets and the start of the roses. The bees have been quiet, just bidding their time with the cold temperatures and are just waiting to warm up before the queen starts her egg laying and the workers kick into honey production. I cant wait!

Autumn 2018

Stunning colours all over Daylesford, esp at the Convent and the Botanical Gardens just a few minutes from here.  Fabulous clear night skies with twinkling jewels above even if a little chilly.

We are still waiting for the return of the cinema but are told by the council that it wont be long now… so we are hoping for a spring opening…. fingers crossed.

Enjoy the season, Thanks

Renee and Izy

Summer 2018

Christmas in Daylesford means Christmas carols down at the sound-shell in Hepburn and the many, many craft markets with lots of local goodies, the New Year’s Eve Parade in the main street and the Glenlyon Sports Day on the 1st Jan 2018.

We hope you have a warm and loving Christmas break, relaxing and taking some time to stop and smell the roses!

Thank you Renee and Izy


What happening in the kitchen… I’ve been making Bees Wax Wraps which are food covers that keep in the moisture and are reuseable. No more single use cling film…. A little more time consuming than i anticipated (HA!!) the smell of cooking bees wax floats around the garden. The kitchen bench has a little production line of material, saucepan of heating wax &  oil, brushes and baking trays…. if I have extra sets they will be on sale at Pendower.

Late summer we hope to harvest some honey… for our breakfast porridge.

Finally – cinema… being built!

Spring 2017

Daffodils, camilias, hellebores, roses…the gardens around the shire are just stunning.  Bees, chooks, flowers and the sounds of lawn mowers – it is a fabulous time to explore this area.

We are thrilled to meet guests who have walked the Camino…. one of our great achievements over the past 5 years. It is very inspiring to hear about other people’s love of the French and Spanish countryside and culture; walking and dedicating time to move slowly through stunning landscape. I can hardly stop myself pulling out the map and ohhhing and ahhhing over shared memories of villages and of course, the food!

If anyone need a gently push to try the Camino, come and talk to me!!

Winter 2017

Winter is here but so far we haven’t had any snow and only a few toe-biting chilly days… the nights however are chilly and stunning with fabulous stars above. The festival ‘Words in Winter’ was a highlight in August and we were lucky enough to have Julian Burnside speak with Arnold Zable and for over an hour we were spellbound with their stories and discussion on many human rights issues.

Our lovely little cinema is soon to get a new home …still in the main street just at the front of the Rex Arcade rather than all the way down the back. I will keep you up to date!

Stay warm, thanks  Renee and Irene

Autumn 2017

Our bees have been working very hard and we collected over 10 small jars from them, this year being their very first harvest. We also had one frame of honey comb to enjoy and have shared it with guests on their breakfasts. It is a great reminder where our food comes from when we have honey & honey comb right in front of us…. and the sticky mess that accompanies  collecting honey.

The chooks are busy as ever and spend time near the bee hive looking for bugs and critter that gather with bee activity. it is lovely to see both groups side by side. Their happy clucking songs and amazing golden yolks indicate they are having a great time in the garden.

The autumn leaves are changing and the town looks stunning. April May are really lovely times to explore the colours of the shire.

The smell of open fires is in the air, we’ve had our chimney cleaned and ready for the season. We’ve also noticed local restaurants have their fires going in the evening….. lovely to sit and enjoy a glass of wine and reflect on the day.

Izy and I hope you have a warm and cosy autumn and manage to make some time to see the beautiful palette nature offers us.

Summer 2017

Welcome to the New Year. We hope you and your families have a safe and healthy year and manage a little escape up to Daylesford sometime throughout the year.

A very exciting Christmas.. santa brought Pendower a beehive. We have a hive in the back garden and although no honey, we have many babies being born and the hive numbers growing. I think I’m turning into a bee geek (beek) and I love spending time just watching the busy girls flying in and out of their home, pollen on their legs and guards at the entrance. I think this is the best present ever!   (sorry Chooks)

Spring 2016

Two months later and 850 km later we return from France and Spain and our fabulous walk. Amazing scenery, lovely people and that delicious French cuisine. This time we didn’t have so many blisters which made life much easier. Look forward to sharing LOTS of Camino stories with guests….. watch out!   Chooks haven’t returned home as yet – they seem to have found a rooster to hang out with and are not so interested in our garden.

Winter 16

We are about to head overseas to complete another leg of the Camino. This time we are walking through France on the Le Puy section and hope to walk about 800 km over the next few months. Jethro and Tull, our chooks are also going on holidays, heading off to a friends farm so they too are having a break from ‘work’.

Autumn 2016

Christmas and now…. March…time is flying!
We’ve just our annual  ChillOut weekend…. another great festival up here. Carnival Day, street parade and the very talented Kate Cebrano singing at David Bromley, just to name a few events up here. It was a great start to March.
After a very mild summer autumn has arrived and the evenings are cool with days of blue skies, clouds, blue skies, clouds…and so it goes. And that’s just before breakfast! we are happy to have two new girls working with us on the egg production team. Head chook is finally getting used to having new others around and they are are slowly settling in.
Castlemaine Festival is starting in a few days so come up to Daylesford and explore this area and pop over to see what castlemaine has on show. ONly a 20 minute drive through stunning scenery.

Spring, 2015
Happy Christmas a wonderful new year from all of us at Pendower House. We hope to see you in the new year.

Three little cheeky chooks and one happy little cat. What a great team…. Unfortunately one little chook died of old age.  So farewell to sweet little  Rosie and maybe we’ll get another little chick after summer.  Fluffy Merlin the cat has been helping in the garden collecting all the Forget-me-not seeds all over his body… the seeds don’t always come out too easily so we’ve resorted to cutting little chunks off him. He is still an adorable rag doll cat but with a stylish punk haircut! And I’ve taken all the sticky seed producing Forget-Me-Not plants much to the disgust of my garden gloves, now they look like they have the measles.

Autumn, 2015
Two years since walking the Camino in Spain and have loved sharing our travels with our guests and surprised to find there are many walkers out there exploring the Camino and many other paths all over the world. It is very exciting.

Stunning month with roses, tulips and many other flowers in the garden. A few weeds have started to show up but we’ve decided to attend an edible weeds course and keep them at bay through our dinner plates rather than sprays.  Now just wait for the Neighbourhood house to run the Edible Weeds course.